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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the training material teach me?

The training shows you exactly how to format your embeds for the desired results. Our interface is extremely easy and simple to use when submitting an embed. Our over the shoulder, easy to follow training videos make the process even more simple.

I need even more embeds, can I up my daily limit?

Yes, if you are interested in being able to post more then one embed a day please contact our staff to upgrade your account. Yearly subscriptions come with a post limit upgrade of 2 embeds per day.

If I stop my subscription do I lose my embeds?

Nope, we leave your embeds active forever, even if you decide not to renew your subscription.

How to get started?

Select your desired subscription period and complete the check out process. You will then get to choose your desired username and we will email you your log in with your newly activated account. Accounts are activated with in 48 hours with most accounts being in the first 6 hours.

Can I syndicate to the same embed more then once?

Yes, you can syndicate out a YouTube video or Google Maps embed as many times as you would like. Our members get access to bonus training material that teaches them how to get the most out of each embed. Including targeting multiple keywords to a single video or custom Google Maps with multiple embeds to the same content.

Is there a referral or affiliate program?

Yes, we offer a commission for each sign up you bring in and for each month they renew their subscription. Contact support if you are interested. More details coming soon.

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