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YouTube & Google Maps

Take over YouTube and dominate rankings in Google Maps with an all in one ranking solution.

Training Videos

Easy to follow training videos and industry secrets on how to rank YouTube videos and get to the Top 3 on Google Maps.

Powerful Ranking Engine

Embed your YouTube videos and custom Google Maps to our powerful syndication network for a complete SEO and social media power up.

Dominate The Market

Take over the competition and get your content, business, and brand in front of the largest audience possible. Pull in traffic from YouTube views, Google search traffic, and Google Maps.

Your Content Combined With Our Powerful Network

Embed your content on our powerful syndication network specifically designed for ranking YouTube videos for keywords and pushing listings up to dominate the Top 3 on Google Maps. A syndication network so powerful we can rank your content on the first page of Google Search Results. (How to do so is included in our bonus training videos each member receives at sign up.)

Go Viral And Connect With New Clients

After you upload your content to our Embed Empire growth engine our powerful network handles the rest. Our network powers up your content with high authority backlinks, web 2.0s, and social signals causing search engines like Google to get your content in front of a real audience that you can monetize.

Growing Your Brand Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We know you have your hands full managing your business and creating content. Let us save you time and money on expensive ranking services. Our complete ranking package allows you to embed your content on demand, exactly as you want it.

So powerful your YouTube videos will dominate the TOP of the search results.

Embed Empire’s syndication network hits all of the crucial SEO and social signals you need for your videos to actually rank at the top of search results. This opens up endless possibilities for lead generation and reaching a larger, targeted audience on demand.

Outrank Major Competitors and Take Over Image Results

After ranking clients for years, Embed Empire truly has a grasp on search algorithms and how to do targeted YouTube and Google Maps embeds. Take advantage of our complete ranking service to outrank the likes of Pinterest and major news outlets. Your competition won’t stand a chance.

Take over high competition keywords and save on insane CPC spending.

Would you rather spend $24+ just to get in front of a single potential customer or be the #1 spot on Google that gets in front of every potential customer? Custom Google Maps embeds are one of our favorite methods for moving up in Google. The results speak for themselves, check out our results in a competitive city (population 2 mil+) as reported by Google Search Console.

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